two cahoots

Marcia Pelletiere and
Chris Pelletiere are Two Cahoots

see more of Chris's artwork here

Music Videos
We've made two new videos for terrific singer/songwriter 
Nikki Gregoroff, 
to celebrate the release of her new CD, 

Nikki writes about the song
I Go With You"This song was inspired by a painting by Chris Pelletiere that featured a dog walking alone down the street. It made me wonder….where is the dog going? Is it really alone? The painting touched my heart….I didn't quite know why….(art can have that effect on me). The song wrote itself…..thanks to Chris' beautiful painting and that curious dog."

Watch Two Cahoots' original video for the song "Tsunami" 
(from the wonderful new 
Read Terre Roche's essay "Collaborating Across Cultures" in the NY Times (which includes a link to the "Tsunami" video)
We also created two videos for songs by extraordinary jazz/blues vocalist Catherine Russell:

Here's the video for 
I Go With Youwhich is made entirely of Chris' Brooklyn paintings (including the dog painting that inspired the song). 

This is our other video for Nikki's song The Prophet

Here's our Christmas video for the award-winning a cappella group The Accidentals:
We've also produced three videos for kid's songs by The Sing or Swim Team:
Latest Graphics
 NEW!!    Along with the "Tsunami" video, Two Cahoots contributed cover art for the new Afro-Jersey CD, available now at CDbaby

Afro-Jersey offers a superb blend of American and West African Folk music by musicians Terre Roche, Sidiki Conde, and Marlon Cherry.

Original collage by Chris Pelletiere, Graphic overlays of "subway signage" by Marcia Pelletiere.
Other Projects
Chris and Marcia also collaborated on an illustration for use in Hilary Brougher's new film, Innocence. It's a supernatural thriller, scheduled for 2013 release. 
Bonus Clip
Chris Pelletiere and Charlie Hewitt"Guys Draw"...